Interior Design Exploration

In this round of exploration, students get a chance to create their own exploration about any thing they want to.  For my exploration in this round is Interior Design. We have six members, three girls and three boys. In this exploration is 100% students lead. We have two facilitators to help us on anything that we need. We asked our director to design a room in our school for the staff house. Most people said interior design is easy, but it’s not. We use a program called Floor Planner. First it was a bit hard to use it, but for a few days it comes along. In our jobs we divided into three segments, there are kitchen+dining room, bedrooms, and toilet. I and my partner Thiny were responsible for kitchen+dining room. What I have learned from the process of doing this exploration is when we do something, it is not step by step because sometimes we need to stop and take a look at what we have done and sometimes we might don’t like it and go back to our first or second step.


Preah Monivong Bokor Marathon

I am a person that really love sport. One of it is running. The reasons that I love playing sport because it make me healthy, teamwork, and communicating. I participated in Preah Monivong Bokor Marathon. There are about 12 Liger students running in that day. We were the 10 km runners. At first we got there at 6 o’clock the temperature was really cold. We start our race at 7 o’clock. The start of 200 meters I was on the lead and after that people were running past me. My first 5 kilometers were horrible. I got stomachache. My friends Vuthy and Lux were in front of me. The distance between me and my friends was about 300 meters. I really want to beat them. By my competitive strength it got me to catch up with my friend Lux. We were in the lead of the Liger Students. We ran together for the whole 4 km and on the last 50 meters to the finish line we decided to race each other. I finished first and the time was 54 :17 minutes and I beat my friend by 6 seconds. Soon, our school will join other competitions!

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Recycle Community

Exploration name: Recycle Community


EXploration Dates: 06 October 2014– 21 November 2014


Number of students: 12


Description: Students will work closely with community to solve their waste management and how to make use from it. In class students will learn about the effect of waste to living things on the earth, and find solutions to motivate community to care more about environment. In order to achieve this goal, students will do survey in the community to see what are the real problems in the village which is near our school. Then students will do field trip to interview people from Ministry of Environment and waste collecting company names CINTRI. Students will do Community Project Based which means they will collaborate with community to separate their waste into three kind as in Organic, Recycle, and Others. Through these, community not only benefits for their environment, but also improve their living by making compost.

Changing Cambodia 2014-2015

Cambodia is a fast developing country. But some part of Cambodia need to be change and develop as well. As a Cambodian I am part of the change and I need to help my country grow better. Changer are people in the country we all did some little thing to help Cambodia. Let me tell you about little thing, if you do that well it mean a lot to the change and this are the mean project I had been in this year which I think I make that little thing.


  1. Animal Field Guide : This project is learning about animal in Cambodia and help to preserve them. So many animal is endangered and nearly facing extinction. People don’t care how important they are. My team and I go went to provinces to teach and explain about the animal because there are hunter in the village. We are making a book that explain that it called “Illustration guide to wildlife of Cambodia”. If you want you can buy some of the book too, it is out in January.


  1. Recycle Community : this project is basically learning about how to reduce reuse and recycle plastic so the world would be so polluted. We always wanted to see the world in a better way the world now is in danger if we don’t act now everybody in this world will be gone. Scientist had been predicting about the future they say the north and south pole will be melt and there will be float all over the land. We help people in our community to recycle stuff so everybody live happily with their family.


  1. Agriculture : this project is mainly learning about rice how to grow it and how do we make better quality rice? In Cambodia rice is one of the most important thing in Cambodia economic growth. We learned it from the real farmer in the community. We help came back and try to make our own rice growing but the rice did not work. But we learn and share the knowledge with others that the big idea of this project.

Changing Cambodia 2014-2015

This is the third year that I have been studying in Liger Learning Center school. In Liger as you know we did a lot of exploration that guide us to change our country. The concern in Cambodia that I see every days is people have limited of education. Cambodian have limited education on waste. Currently there is lot of plastic waste everywhere in Cambodia. Plastic effect a lot of things in the world. It effect the environment, human, and aquatic animal. The bad impact for the environment is plant. We can not grow the plants with the soil that have plastic in it, because it doesn’t give nutrient to the plant. And if you burn the plastic it will release Carbon Dioxide so it caused climate change. The plastic has a lot of chemical in it , so when you burn it the chemical go into the air. And people breathed the chemical in and the people can get cancer disease. For the aquatic animal, plastic killed a lot of animals. When people throw the plastic in the water so the animal eat it because they think that is there food. For the organic waste people in cambodia burn it. They don’t know the effect that it give from burning the organic waste. When you burn the organic waste it will make the methane gas and methane gas is 21 hotter than Carbon Dioxide. After I learned about the waste I really like to share all of the information that I had studied. I shared some of the information with my family and my friend. By sharing them the information I hoped that they will tell it to their family and friends. So Cambodia will get better with education about waste.

I have not really done any big change in my country because I am still young. But what I can do is by sharing information that I had learned in my school. So it’s not a really big change.

Football Competition

On Wednesday, 19, November was the amazing day for me because Liger got to play football with EastWest school. Every players were so excited. Before we left Liger we had a quick assembly about our study program. We done our assembly early because we needed to prepare our stuff. We left Liger at 3:00 oclock. On the bus I felt excited and nervous. When we arrived 3G (the place that for play football), every one shouted “ WoW!!!” because the field look amazing. Before we play we had a quick warm up. Our school teams were divided in four, two team were boys and two teams were girls. In boys team we divided A and B. My team was A team. We had 15 minutes practice suddenly our coach Jeff came and said that my team was the team to play first. My team came together and discussed how the game work. In my team there were six people played and a person substitute. Menghout was the goalkeeper, the defender were Maya and Somphors, the midfielder was Chhoeu and the striker were Vitou and myself. I like my teammate a lot. Before We played I called my teammate and had a quick talked about win and lost. I said if our team played hard and collaborate we will win if we not we will lost. The first round I scored one goal for my team. I was so excited. Every one look at me and cheered at me. After two minutes unexpectedly the East West team scored one goal back. My team felt a little bit upset with each other but it still okay. We kept played until finished the first half. When we finished the first round I called my group again and discussed how we going to play in second half. The second round had begun. In 2 minutes I scored another goal for my team and they were so excited and happy. We kept played until the second round was up and my team were so happy also the staff too. After my group finished I went to watched the girls played. The girls were scored a lot of goal. It was amazing. When We went back home Jeff bought the sandwiches for us its were so delicious. We arrived Liger about 6:00 oclock. My friends that they stayed at Liger asked me a lot of questions about the football. We arrived just on time to eat dinner. We had dinner with our friends and then we went home took a shower and relax. The football event was amazing if I have another chance like that again I will be very excited.


The main thing that I learned is how to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is about making a new idea. In this exploration with my team, we made a speaker product. I got the idea from my teacher and then with my team we tried to think how we could make it. We had a hard time thinking of an idea to make with a 3D printer. Finally we had an idea but it was different from the first idea.  We learnt how to do work in a team and divide the work up.



  1. Resilience is the best term for me if we learn about that it makes me feel passion for it.
  2. Target Audience is important for me because we need to think who going to buy our product and we need to get the feedback from them too.
  3. Prototype we need to make prototype before we make our product because if we make our product without prototype we waste our time and our product might be wrong.
  4. Feedback is important to me because when we get feedback we can improve our product because we have only three people but if we ask for the feedback from other people there will be lots of idea.
  5. Market we need to know where we going to sell like online.
  6. Bias is important to me because I am the leader I need to listen to my teammates too.


If I have Entrepreneurship class again I will think about new ideas that can make my product better. Also divide the work up so we can do work faster. Another thing is I need to pay more attention in class. I think my group did a really good job during this exploration.

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Culture Shock

Culture Shock is the feeling of confusion experienced by someone when they go to another country and they are shocked with an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes. In our class we study about culture shock in Cambodia. We focus on culture in Cambodia mostly. The reasons of making this because we want to improve our knowledge of culture and we think that we should know about our own culture. The process of our learning is very good because we have a lot of activities like interviewing people, discussing, researching from the internet, visiting real places and having debates.  We have seven weeks to learn and we research the information to share to other people. Also we have goals to (1) make a video from our knowledge that we learned and also about the trip, (2) conference with community, and (3) blog for all the people in the world. We had a big activity to go to the trip at Siem Reap to interview the people to have more information and make an idea to share in the blog


Exploration name: Ecotourism

Exploration dates: August 13-October 3, 2014

Number of students: 13

Essential questions:

(1) What is ecotourism?

(2) How can ecotourism help change our country?

Ecotourism means to travel to natural areas that protect environment and help people life at location became better. Ecotourism was also about helping to preserve the environment. Our ecotourism group went to Chi Phat to study about the ecotourism in Chi Phat. Also we learned about how ecotourism in Chi Phat are different from other ecotourism sites. Our big goal when we went to Chi Phat was to interview as many people as possible. We interviewed different people to get different answers and all the people had different perspectives. After we interviewed a lot of people we came back and studied about the information we found some areas of concern. Our group made a recommendation to Chi Phat community about the areas of concern. Some areas of concern are education, transportation, marketing, collaboration, and energy. After we finished we will send it to Martin and Prom Hong, the CBET (Community Based Ecotourism Site) directors.

Algebra A Description

Name of Course: Algebra A

Learning Facilitator: Jeff Boucher

Number of Students: 14

Dates: August 8 – January 16

Days we Meet: Monday – Tuesday

Course Description: In our Advanced Enrichment we learned about Math. This Advanced Enrichment lasted really long and the students had a really hard time working on that. We learned the hard math by learning it step by step. There are many clever students in this class and all of them are very patient. Every day in our class the math got harder and harder but we got smarter as the time kept going. Sometimes we realized that the math that we had learned could be used in real life. The important things that we learned for the whole year were negative numbers, the Greatest Common Factors, linear equations, y=mx+b form or Slope-interception, parabolas, Quadratic formula/equation, etc. All of these math sections were very hard. It is something that people will think that it is hard because they did not try yet and for those people who try they will think it is easy. But for us here we do not think it was hard or easy we were just trying our best.