AP Computer Science

I have never tried doing computer science before in the previous school years. In this year I decided to do AP computer science.  This is a move for me because taking advance placement means that I need to put a lot of time and effort to it and might distract me from other classes. But I think I could do it and I want to experience something new, but so far I really like the class.

We use BlueJ as our learning tool


I and another two friends of mine are working on a grant writing project. In this project, we are focusing on making the grant template which the Liger Leadership Academy could use when they write for the grant. In addition, we are working on a grant to fund our project that is trying to build computer science lab for the remote school in Cambodia. 

Creative Technology

I am not a person, who in love in doing art neither technology but when these two ideas combine together, by using technology to display art, I really like it. This is my new expertise of the school year. Currently, in Creative Technology class, we are learning how to program javascript using Johny Five and working on a project of building a robot car. 

This is the 3d design of the robot car: