Science Behind DeadPool’s Healing Ability

I am a huge Marvel’s fan, especially Deadpool. If you don’t know who Deadpool is, first of all, you got to see the movie; it’s hilarious. Deadpool is a superhero that has a super healing ability. In one of the scenes, his hand got chopped off but grew back in a few hours. 

So, then in Physic class, I was researching about the science behind his healing ability. After an intense four hours researched, I constructed a poster that explains the concept of Deadpool’s healing ability. 

An interesting fact that I learned is a “Mexican Salamander” also have Deadpool’s healing ability. The salamanders could regrow their tale, parts of their brain, and also limbs. Scientists are still looking through further research and explore more about this “Mexican Salamander.”


* The photo of the posters will be posted tomorrow.