Basketball Competition

I have trained basketball for about 2 years with my coach and all of my Liger’s friends. Most of Liger students are really athletics. A day before the holiday, we had a basketball competition against an international school called ICAN. We tried really hard, and every one of us was doing great. Although we tried really hard, we still lost the game.

A year later we had a rematched and I hit three points winning shot. The score was 17 – 16. Everyone was so excited and, I was so excited. 


Training for the game!



Waste Management – Exploration

In my life I always talk about the ways that I can change Cambodia. In this exploration I have learned and know how to make change for my country while I am also earning profit from it. This exploration is really help me to realize how difficult is it to start up a business. Before we start the business we need to research and making a feasibility study. Feasibility study is the study of a start up business to know if your business will make profit or it feasible. Every businesses should do the feasibility study before they start their business because they do not need to waste time and waste their money if the business is not feasible. I was working in Economic Feasibility section in our feasibility study booklet and it is a whole new idea for me. Our team also visited a school that made our of plastic bags, car’s wheels, and threw away glass bottles. I hope that Cambodia will implement this types of school and building in our society. I really proud of all the works that I did and also the work that we did together as a team. In conclusion from our feasibility study I think our business is feasible if we want to run it in the future.     


Cambodia First Beach Clean Up

On 17th, October it was the first time that Cambodia has international beach clean up day. Liger’s students are the first Cambodian that do this event. We went to Kept beach and cooperate with some international volunteers. I was really proud of myself that help to clean the beach and make it better. I have been the row model for the younger kids that were watching also for all Cambodian to see and take the action. We hope more Cambodians could join us next year and help to change Cambodia.