Get Accepted for Virtual Foreign Exchange

I applied for Virtual Foreign Exchange because I am interested in other countries cultures and their lives style. Since I can’t afford to go to the other countries this community would be the best internet platform for me to resolve all of wonders and questions in a safe environment. I could also use this platform to gain knowledge in a way such as: communcation, networking, and cultural exposure from other people all around the world. 





First Beach Ultimate

This is the first ever beach ultimate in Cambodia. I am really lucky that I was a part of it. In addition, the best part of the trip was learning new skills from the other people and also get to know more people that have the same interests as me. As I played more and more I have a better understanding of the spirit of the game. I really like how at the end of the game, both teams came together and create a spirit circle to speak about what you like and what you don’t about the game. I can’t wait to attend this event again next year. 

Surrounded by tourists and aside to the ocean, the game of frisbee was being played. Frisbee is a new sport in Cambodia, people that were watching had interest and were curious about the sport. Many asked about it and few sat under shades and enjoyed the game. 

Volunteer for Khmer Sight Foundation

It is killing me watching the Cambodian elders who have no eyes vision. They could not appreciate the view of the environment around them, they can not see people who they love. When volunteered for the Khmer Sight Foundation, I put my full effort to help those elders in my community to do an eye check and get better eyesight. The patients were mostly older people with age around 50-60 years old and they got cataract which causes their eyes sight to lose. For those people who have eyes cataract, we talked to them and ask them kindly to get an eye surgery to help improve their vision. But our challenge was, those old people need to work, and take care of their grandchildren, so they resisted not to go with to the hospital. When faced this problem, our team were trying to convince them in every possible way for them to change their mind. Throughout the whole morning, we had been very successful and I felt so great helping those Cambodian elders. In addition, by volunteering in this event, it helped me to wonder and do more research about the knowledge of human’s eyes. 

Start-Up Weekend

StartUp weekend is an event that a group of people comes together trying to solve the problems of the event theme and earning profit from solving the problems. The theme of the Startup Weekend this year is education. In the event, I pitched an idea of improving and making a new curriculum from grade 1 to 12. I got 6 votes for my idea but it did not pass to the next stage. Startup Weekend also helps youth that trying to find jobs or startup entrepreneurs to co-workers to support their ideas. The event last for three days but unfortunately I was sick for the last two days.

Impact Hub

On Tuesday 12, September, a group of LLA students went to Impact Hub and the topic was the youth with impact. There were five speakers sharing their experience and their biggest success in their life. I was really inspired by each speaker, they were telling their challenges in their success and how they had overcome those problems. In Addition, I got to talk to some of my favorite singers who also attended the event. Overall, the event was a good learning experience and my biggest takeaway from the event is that don’t give up too quickly, it is important to understand the problems and start to solve it step by step.


Genocide is the action of killing people in the large group, usually by the ethics or their nation. Learning about this make me felt really bad, and I never thought that this things have ever happen in our planet. My country(Cambodia), also faced this problem. On 1975-1979, it was the Khmer Rouge time. The Khmer Rouge think of people like element. They said that, if you hurt your legs they would cut your legs out. The Khmer Rouge have an idea that every should be the same. Many of the old Cambodian have gone through this war. My grandfather and my aunt unluckily didn’t make it.



A Khmer Rouge soldier waves his pistol and orders store owners to abandon their shops in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on April 17, 1975 as the capital fell to the communist forces.  A large portion of the city's population was reportedly forced to evacuate.  Photo from West German television film.  (AP Photo/Christoph Froehder)
A Khmer Rouge soldier waves his pistol and orders store owners to abandon their shops in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on April 17, 1975.


The Asian Genocide (Japan World War 2)



The Holocaust (Germany)


Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia. It bordered by northwest Thailand, Lao to the northeast, Vietnam to the east, and Gulf of Thailand the to southwest. Cambodia is a enchanting country that attracts millions of tourists every year. Currently the population in Cambodia is over 15 million and the area is 181,035 kilometers square. The official religion in Cambodia is Theravada Buddhism that is 95% of cambodians practice it and the other religion are Muslim and Christian etc. The presently king in Cambodia is Sihamoni and the prime minister is Hun Sen. Hun Sen have ruled Cambodia for more than 25 years. I love my country. One special thing about our country is we have the Angkor Wat. The top tourist places in Cambodia are Siem Reap and Sihanouk Ville. The capital and largest city is Phnom Penh, the political, economic, and cultural centre of Cambodia.