TIPS for SAT Examination

I had never been a good test taker. Especially, standardized tests such as the SAT and the other Advanced Placement courses. Therefore at the start of 2018, I had a mini SAT boot camp, which was to go over strategies and great tips to face the exam in confident. These are the two tips that I personally find helpful. 

Note *** There are so many more tips online that might be helpful to you

  1. Time Management – Answer easy questions first
     In the reading section of the SAT, there are 5 passages that include 10 to 11 questions and a total time of 65 minutes. Which break down to about 13 minutes per passage. Which means you have about a little than a minute to answer the question. Therefore, when facing questions that you are not comfortable at answering skip to the easier ones first.

    *** Don’t forget to mark it down in your answer sheet so that you won’t forget to come back or messed up circling the wrong questions

  2. Always begin with the easier passage 

There are three main passages in the SAT. There are science, US literature, and history and literature. While practicing for the exam, notice the passages that you managed to score a higher score on. Then on the exam, choose to do those passages first before jumping into the old confusing literature passage. 

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